Diagonal motor wheelbase 1500mm
Dimensions 1148mm x 1148mm x 653mm(Unfolded) 、650mm x650mm x 653mm(Folded)
Propellers size 32x10 inch
Standard take-off weight 20kg
Maximum take-off weight 35kg
Maximum flying speed(when spraying) 7m/s
Maximum horizontal flying speed Sport mode:8m/s 、Posture mode:15m/s
Maximum bearable wind speed 8 m/s
Maximum flying altitude 2000m
Working environment temperature 0℃~+40℃
Load-flight time 30mins
GNSS GPS+GLONASS or BDSS+GLONASS dual mode dual safety
Hovering accuracy(with good GNSS signal) Vertical:±0.3 m 、Horizontal:±0.6 m
Spraying system
Volume 10L
Standard operating payload 10kg
Sprayer quantity 4
Maximum spraying capacity 0.379L/min(Single sprayer, take water as an example)
Spraying width 4-6m(4 sprayers , 1.5 – 3 m above the crops)
Droplet Size 130~250um(Droplet size may vary according to operation environment and spraying speed.)
Hovering system
Height measurement range 1-30m(it may vary according to material ,shape or location of the target)
Hovering range 1.5~3.5m
Remote controller
Operating frequency 2.4G
Maximum signal effective distance 15.km(open area,no electromagnetic interference)
Operating environment temperature -10℃~40℃
Battery 7.4V 3000mAh LiPo 2S
Operating voltage 7.4V
Mobile devices holder tablet or phone
Smart flight battery
Capacity 1800mAh
Voltage 44.4V
Battery type LiPo 12S
Energy 79.92Wh
Charging environment temperature -10℃~45℃
Double cylinder gasoline hybrid engine
Weight 4kg(without spare parts,total weight 5.2kg)
Dimensions L*W*H(260*312*325m)
Output volume 60CC
Rated Power 4kw
Output voltage ~50V
Battery voltage 12S
Oil consumption 1500g/kw.H(Hovering 6L/h)
Oil type (Gasoline + Synthetic lubricating oil) ratio 25:1
Oil(suggested use 95# gasoline or above) which accords with JASO ,FC/FD ISO-L-EGD standard
emperature of operating environment -20℃~40℃