Symmetrical motor wheelbase 1500 mm
Fuselage size unfold: 1150×1150×760 mm; fold: 650×650×760 mm
Max. Take off weight 45 kg
Propellers Diameter X screw pitch: 30×9.9 inch; Single weight: 160 g
Motor KV value: 100 rpm/V; size of the stator: 81×20 mm; Weight: 630 g
ESC sustained current: 80A; battery: 6~12S; PWM input level Signal: 3V/5V compatible; Compatible frequency: 50~500 Hz
Battery Voltage: 45.6V; capacity: 44000 mAh; energy: 2006.4 Wh; Type: LiHV 12S; discharge current: 25C
Max. Rising speed 5 m/s
Max. Lowering speed 3 m/s
Max. Horizontal flight speed Sport mode: 8 m/s(windless); Attitude mode: 15 m/s(windless)
Max. Pitch Angle 25°
Max. rotational angular velocity pitch axis: 120 °/s, Heading axis: 120 °/s
Max. Bearable wind speed 14 m/s
Max. Flight altitude 5000 m
Max. Flight altitude(GPS) Vertical: ±0.5 m, Level: ±1.5 m (when GPS positioning is working normally)
Max. endurance 35 mins
Gimbal and surveillance camera
Gimbal size 136×98×139 mm
Gimbal weight 452 g
Gimbal input voltage 12 V
Gimbal stability system 3 axis (pitch, roll, level)
Gimbal angular control accuracy Static: ±0.008°; Dynamic: ±0.02°;Anti-shake : ±0.008°
Gimbal controllable rotation range pitch:-110° to +60°;level :±150°;roll :±10°
Gimbal control speed pitch:30 °/s;level :30 °/s
Camera lens pixel 1200 million pixels
Camera focus time 7~8 seconds
Camera sensor 1/2.3 SONY IMX117 CMOS
Camera ISO range Video:100~3200;photo:100~1600
Camera video recording resolution 4K 30 fps
Camera resolution 3840×2160
Camera focal length 6.7-134.5 mm
Camera zoom multiplier 30 X optical zoom
Camera zoom speed about 2.0 second
Horizontal camera Angle 59.8 ° ~ 3.0 ° (wide Angle - telescopic)
Camera proximity 5000mm (wide Angle - telescopic)
Camera video storage code stream Max. 64 Mbps
Camera compression standard H.264 / H.265
Camera supports file storage format JPG/MP4
Camera supports memory card type SD/SDHC/SDXC micro-SD card with maximum support of 128 G and transmission speed of Class10 or above or reaching uhs-1 rating
Magnification 3~9 times
Extent 33 cm
Weight 590 g
Pipe diameter 25.4 mm
Objective 40 mm
Exit pupil distance 7~8 cm
Differentiation of line Cross point differentiation
Differentiation of material Metal Wire differentiation
Focus Mode Objective lens focusing
Accommodation mode Swivel lock hand mode
Lighting system Red & Green double light
Regulating variable one click a quarter of an inch from 100 yards away
Lidar ranging obstacle avoidance system
Distance measuring range 100m
Range of obstacle perception 3~15m(adjustable)
FOV Level 20°;Vertical 3°
Survey frequency 10kHz
Fire extinguishing system
Model of fire extinguisher launcher CM60 airborne transmitter
Outside diameter of launcher tube φ67 mm
Max. Outside diameter φ 70mm
Emitter length 1000 mm
Emitter weight ≤ 1400 g
Fire bomb CM60 rocket boosts ABC dry powder fire extinguishing projectile
Transmitter trigger voltage 12V~24 V
Transmitter trigger current ≥ 700 m A
Life of transmitter ≥3 Years/100 Times
Fire extinguishing tank
Fire extinguishing tank material HP295
Tank weight 8.7 kg
Net dry powder content 3 Kg
Filling pressure 1.2 MPa
Installation Hang up fast
Open mode electronic fast
Powder spraying pipe Material: carbon fiber; Length: unfold4.8 m (minimum shrinkage is 1.2m)
Fire extinguishing bomb
Length 995 mm
full weight ≤3000 g
striking current ≥ 700 mA
safe current ≤150 mA
Initial emission velocity ≤35 m/s
Max. range ≤40 m
Single fire extinguishing capability 9 m3 (Total flooding)
Fire extinguishing agent Species: ABC super fine dry powder; weight:≥1100g Features: Fully sealed, waterproof,moisture-proof and non-explosive
Delay time for extinguishing agent injection ≥5 s
Life of firebomb 3Years
Remote control
Fuselage size 65×174×62mm(L×W×H)
Weight 970 g
Working frequency 2.4 G
Working current 1000 mA
Signal effective distance about 2Km (open, no occlusion, no electromagnetic interference)
Video output interface HDMI
Power supply mode Built-in lithium electricity 7.4V 6000mAh LiPo 2S
Mobile device support For tablets or mobile phones