Symmetrical motor wheelbase 1900mm
Fuselage size Unfold:2070×1800×910mm (Arm unfolded, Blades folded);Folded:1100×950×910mm
Max.take-off weight 56.1kg
Propeller Diameter x screw pitch: 34x11.2inch;weight per piece: 190g
Motor KV value: 100rpm/V Rotor size: 96x16mm
ESC Sustained current: 120A(Good heat dissipation conditions);suppers battery: 6~12S;
Battery Voltage: 45.6V; Capacity: 66,000mAh; Energy: 3009.6Wh;Type: LiHV 12S; Discharge current: 25C
Max.ascending speed 5m/s
Max.descending speed 3m/s
Max.horizontal flight speed GPS mode: 5~10 m/s adjustable(windless);Cruise mode: 10 m/s(windless); Attitude mode: 15 m/s(windless)
Max.pitch angle 35°
Max.rotational angular velocity Pitch axis: 120 °/s; heading axis: 50 °/s
Max.bearable wind speed 12m/s
Max.flight altitude 5000m
Hovering accuracy(GPS) Vertical: ± 0.5 m, horizontal: ± 0.5 m(when GPS positioning is working normally)
Maximum endurance 50 minutes
Size 136×98×139mm
Weight 452g
Input voltage 12V
Stability system 3 axis (pitch, roll, yaw)
Angle control accuracy Static: ±0.008°; Dynamic: ±0.02°; Anti-shake: ±0.008°
Controllable rotation range Pitch: -110° ~+60°; Yaw: ±150°; Roll: ±10°
Max control speed Pitch:30°/s; yaw:30°/s
Surveillance camera
Pixels 12 million
Focus time 2s
Sensor 1/2.3 SONY IMX117 CMOS
ISO range Video: 100~3200; photo: 100~1600
Video recording resolution 4K 30fps
Photograph resolution 3840×2160
Focal length 6.7-134.5mm
Zoom magnification 30 X optical zoom
Zoom speed Appr. 2.0 seconds
Horizontal angle of view 59.8 ° ~ 3.0 ° (wide Angle - telescopic)
Close up distance 5000Mm (wide Angle - telescopic)
Video storage code stream Max. 64 Mbps
Compression standard H.264 / H.265
Supported file storage formats File system: FAT32; Image format: JPG; Video format: MP4
Supported memory card types Micro-SD card up to 128G with a transfer rate of Class 10 and above or UHS-1 rating
Dry powder tank
Material HP295
Filling pressure 1.2MPa
Total weight 19kg
Installation method Fast hanging
Net dry powder content 12kg
Open method Electronically controlled quick opening
Jet pipe
Material Carbon fiber
Length 4.33M un-telescoped (can be telescoped to 1.61m minimum)
Fire hose specifications
Pressure 2.0MPa
Diameter 25mm
Length 100m
Jet pipe
Material Carbon fiber
Length 3.04M un-telescoped (can be telescoped to 1.61m minimum)
LIDAR Ranging & Obstacle Avoidance System
Distance measuring range 100m
FOV Horizontal 20°, vertical 3°
Obstacle perception range 3~15m (adjustable)
Measuring frequency 10kHz
Remote Controller
Screen 7.86inch; Resolution: 2048× 1536; Brightness: 2000 cd/m2
Signal effective distance Approx. 6 km (open and unobstructed, no electromagnetic interference)
Memory RAM: 4G; ROM: 16G
Video output interface Mini HDMI
System Android
Battery 7.4V 9000mAh LiPo 2S
Operating frequency 2.4GHz&5.8GHz dual-band
Memory card type Supports microSD cards up to 64GB capacity