Diagonal Length 460mm
Body size 367mm*367mm*228mm
Motor KV 650rpm/V
Electric adjustment continuous current 45A
Propeller size Diameter * pitch: 11*4.5 inch
Normal takeoff weight 1.38kg(including battery and head)
Maximum takeoff weight 2.0kg
Rise Speed factory default 5.0m/s, (adjustable from 3 to 8m/s)
Falling Speed factory default 3.0m/s, (adjustable from 3 to 8m/s)
Horizontal Flight Speed GPS mode: 5m/s; Motion mode: factory default 10m/s (adjustable from 5 to 20m/s); Attitude mode: 15m/s (no wind environment)
Maximum tilt Angle GPS mode: 25°; Motion mode: 30°; Posture mode: 30°
Maximum rotational angular velocity 150°/s
Maximum flight altitude: 4500m
Maximum wind speed 17m/s
Maximum endurance about 60 minutes (without 6K camera); About 50 minutes (with 6K camera)
Operating temperature -10℃ to +40℃
Positioning accuracy GPS: vertical ± 1.5m, Level ±0.4 m (GPS positioning works normally)
Coordinate with network RTK horizontal 1cm+1ppm, vertical 2cm+1ppm(GPS positioning works normally, network RTK connection is normal)
Forward-looking obstacle avoidance
Sensing range of obstacles 12m
FOV 30° horizontal, ±2.4° vertical
Measurement frequency 100 Hz
Under the fixed high
Height measurement range ≤ 12 m
Accurate hover range ±0.1m
Measurement frequency 100Hz
Remote control WKRC - H12
Model WKRC-H12
Operating frequency 2400MHz to 2483MHz
Maximum communication distance 12KM(open without shelter, no electromagnetic interference)
Display equipment 5.5-inch 1920*1080 1000NITS highlight screen
Charging interface TYPE-C
Battery 3.7V 10000mAh LiPo 1S
Operating temperature -10℃ to 40℃
Charging ambient temperature: 5℃ to 40℃
Weight 530g
Size 190*152*94mm
Network RTK (optional)
Frequency band GPS: L1 /L2/L5 GLONASS:F1/F2;BeiDou: B1/B2/B3 Galileo:E1/E5
Positioning accuracy Level: 1cm+1ppm Vertical: 2 cm + 1 PPM; 1ppm: Accuracy changes 1mm for every 1km increase.
Location update rate 1000HZ
Cold start <45s
Hot start <10s
Recapture <1s
Initialization reliability >99.9%
Differential data transmission format RTCM 2.X/3.X
Data link 4G
Communication distance: unlimited distance (with 4G network signal)
Working environment temperature 10℃ to 45℃
6K Camera
Image sensor 1-inch SONY backshot CMOS
Lens FOV85 °. Equivalent 9mm focal section; F / 3.5 aperture
Photo support 21 million pixels
Video recording 6K (5480*3648) @25fps;4K (3860*2160) @25fps/30fps/60fps
Zoom 25 x lossless digital zoom
Video coding H264、H265
The supported file system format exfat
Video format MP4
Image format JPG
Supported memory card type Micro SD card, up to 512 GB, transmission speedMicro SD cards with Class10 or above or UHS-1rating
Intelligent flight battery
Voltage 22.2V
Capacity 7000mAh
Battery type LiPo 6S
Energy 155.4Wh
Charging ambient temperature 5℃ to 40℃
Input voltage 12V
Stable system: 3 axis (pitch, yaw, roll)
Controllable rotation range pitch: -90° to+30°,level: ±40°
Maximum control speed pitch: 50°/s; Roll: Direct Angle control
Angle control accuracy: static: ±0.01°; Dynamic: + / - 0.02 °; Stabilization: + / - 0.01 °