Voyager 3

Voyager 3 transform era comes, everyone will become a professional aerial photographer.

pursuit of the ultimate and the spirit of Ingenuity carving, bring new experience for users,shape streamline design,
internal wiring carefully,ingenious combination, let product more practical and added the artistic aesthetic feeling, information interaction
is the soul of the product.

HD camera 1080p
Control Intelligent
20-25 minutes’
flight time
Modular design
large-capacity lithium
polymer battery
Transform design
Brushless motors
One key to
take photo

Body transform design

Aircraft landing gear and gimbal synchronous deformation design, body deformation retract the landing gear after takeoff,
brushless 3D stabilization gimbal fully present out from the body, so the camera can 360 degrees unobstructed shooting,
you are free to use your imagination, in an unprecedented way to illation aerial photography.


Detachable gimbal

Integrate the newest 3D detachable gimbal design, 360°shoot unlimited, custom-made gimbal for Voyager 3,
can meet professional requirements for aerial photography, the footage is more stable and smooth.
This gimbal can also support upgrade to Walkera other equipments.

Professional camera

The camera custom-made for Voyager 3, adopt HD camera 1080P 60FPS beyond visual range(BVR) high-definition image transmission system, combined 3D stabilization gimbal stable technology, no matter how the plane in the air do actions, Can achieve 360 ° no dead angle shooting smoothly for a long time.

Beyond visual range (BVR) image transmission system

Aircraft match with HD camera, shooting quality real and gorgeous. Built-in 5.8 G long-distance image transmission technology, can see real-time footage on F12E radio.

5.8 G long-distance image transmission technology

Global GPS and GLONASS dual navigation system

Use GPS and GLONASS global double satellite navigation and positioning system, custom-made for Voyager 3 fly more accurate and safer.

  • Follow me
    Follow me
    Follow and shoot your figure
  • Fly around in circles
    Automatically object round flight
    360 ° all-round bird's-eye panorama
  • Intelligent flight
    App ground station implement flight mission
    Intelligent takeoff, automatic return

Interconnected mixed control, flight new experiences

Support cooperative work with remote control and ground station after installed at phone or tablet,
at same time real-time Aerial video show on the F12E radio,
let your friends and relatives have
the chance to blend into the aerial photography new experience with you.

Function modular design

Function modular design, maintenance easy and convenient, combined with Internal wiring design ingeniously,
let our drones more practical and convenient.

Intelligent battery

Introduction of nuclear power pole endurance,3000mAh capacity lithium polymer battery, the battery level smart displayed on LED lights, intelligent monitoring working status via LED status lights. In order to meet users more aerial flight time, we used 29.6V 3000mAh as aircraft battery, the flight time can up to 20-25 minutes.

  • 29.6V
  • 20-25 minutes’
    flight time
  • Nuclear power lithium polymer

Intelligent modular design

Intelligent modular design, aircraft can self-inspection status separately for power, control signals, GPS, compass and
barometer when working, realize intelligent detection of malfunctions.

Powerful brushless motors

Use brushless motor for Voyager 3,can loading GOPRO 3/3+/4 camera, gimbal and other filming equipment,
meet GOPRO users’ aerial photography requirements.