Super long endurance flight operation platform.





Gasoline engine

Petrol-electric hybrid Multi rotor, long duration, heavy payload allowed

QL 1200 adopt the advanced gasoline engine and generator integrated power supply technology, which combines the advantages of oil movement and electric power. Powered by oil, which retains the high energy of fuel, and the electric power drive the rotor retains the characteristics of electric drive maneuvering. MAX flight time is 120 mins. Four times more than electric multi-rotor UAV, the control range is 57.6 Km.

Flight time
QL1200 Petrol-electric hybrid power
Pure electric power
Control range
QL1200 Petrol-electric hybrid power
Pure electric power
Flight payload
QL1200 Petrol-electric hybrid power
Pure electric power

Use FlightSafety protection system, forward infrared obstacle avoidance

Use FlightSafety protection system, GPS/GLONASS or BDS/GLONASS dual modes safe satellite positioning, providing reliable flight platform .Forward infrared obstacle avoidance module, perception of flight obstacles, reducing accidents caused by operational errors.

30X optical zoom gimbal camera

Equipped with 30 times optical zoom camera, It can inspect the detail of objective 1km away. which can be used in the fields of power facilities, pipeline inspection, police reconnaissance forensics and bridge detection. 16 million pixels 4 k 30 FPS Max  Video Bitrate :60 megabits Gimbal pitching Angle: - 100 ° to + 45 °.

  • 30
    optical zoom
  • 16
  • 4K
    video shooting
  • 60
    largest stream

Folding 6-axis rotors design, powerful driving force, multiple payload allowed.

6-axis rotors design to improve driving force. Six arms can be folded, can put it in the car for transportation.According to customers’ requirement to customize infrared thermal imaging camera or other payloads .

Dust-free, waterproof, anti-disturbance, easy to fit any environment

With IP43 protection : Basic waterproof &dust-free. Strong wind resistance of 6 levels ,flight altitude can reach to 2km.Strong anti electromagnetic interference ability, be able to carry out the inspection and inspection of powerful electromagnetic radiation equipment such as power facilities and communication facilities.

2.4G/1.4G HD digital image transmission, 3-5km distance.

QL 1200 uses 2.4G/1.4G digital image transmission , strong anti-interference ability, stable and reliable transmission , image transmission range up to 3 kilometers. With strong image transmission compatibility, 1.4G/4G/5G image transmission system can be installed to obtain the best operation result according to the application requirements of different regions and industries.

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