Platform with super flying time

90 minutes flying time
Drone with hybrid power system
Hybrid power system
Fuel and lipo battery
30 X optical zoom camera
Can observe the details
of the scene 1 km away
Foldable design
Six arms can be folded
Oil electric hybrid EFI multi rotor
Ql1200 adopts advanced integrated power technology of gasoline engine with generator, which organically combines oil power and electric power. The high energy of fuel is retained through the oil power generation. Keeping the operation of electric drive flexible according to adopting Electric drive rotor.
Long flight time and heavy load
Maximum flight time without load and full fuel: 90 minutes, it is three times that of pure electric multi rotor, with a range of 43.2 km.
Flight time
QL1200 Petrol-electric hybrid power
Pure electric power
Control range
QL1200 Petrol-electric hybrid power
Pure electric power
Flight payload
QL1200 Petrol-electric hybrid power
Pure electric power
G3EFI Control Power System
(Modules can be compatible with UAV applications of other manufacturers)
Adaptive idle
More stable & environmentally friendly
Altitude correction
High altitude adaptation
Intelligent start
One button low temperature ignition
Intelligent protection
Self protection and fault detection
30x Optical Zoom Camera
  • 30
    optical zoom
  • 16
  • 4K
    video shooting
  • 60
    largest stream
30x optical zoom camera
Used in the fields of power facilities, pipeline inspection, police reconnaissance forensics and bridge detection. 16 million pixels 4 k 30 FPS Max Video Bitrate :60 megabits Gimbal pitching Angle: - 100 ° to + 45 °.
low-light night vision camera
It is suitable for the environment with weak light in the night and obtains high-resolution, Low noise images. It is widely used in military and police security area.
Infrared thermal camera
Infrared thermal imaging cameras have the advantages of strong penetrating ability, long detection distance, recognizable hidden objects, temperature detection, and day and night viewing. the target can be identified under adverse climate conditions.
Industrial Application Software
We developed an APP for QL 1200 that greatly simplifies the flight operations. It is convenient for the operator to plan the operation route, check the operation progress, monitor the real-time situation, and display the operation parameters and flight parameters in real time.
High-brightness Display Screen
Display screen with maximum brightness of 2000 cd/m², It's about twice as safe and reliable as ordinary mobiledevices, and it's still visible in direct sunlight.
Folding six axis rotor design
Six axis rotor structure design, improve flight power. At the same time, the six arms can be folded, and can be placed at the rear of the pickup truck for transportation.
HD Image Transmission
QL 1200 integrates the advanced 2.4G and 5.8G dual frequency long range video transmission system, which makes
the maximum video transmission range as long as 6KM. Long wavelength, strong anti-interference ability,
stable and reliable transmission.
Easy To fit Any Environment
Dust-free, Waterproof, Anti-disturbance
With IP43 protection: Basic waterproof &dust-free. Strong wind resistance of 5 levels, flight altitude can reach to 5km.
Strong anti- electromagnetic interference ability, be able to carry out the inspection and inspection of powerful
electromagnetic radiation equipment such as power facilities and communication facilities.
Be able to inspect and supervise power facilities,
communication facilities and other equipment
with strong electromagnetic radiation.

It is widely used in search and rescue, traffic
forensics, military police investigation, border
patrol, material transportation and other