AG18 plant protection drone adopts water-cooled system engine, equipped with efficient spraying system, tool-free folding bucket structure design,high-precision navigation and positioning system, and intelligent route planning operation to improve plant protection operation efficiency to the highest level.
Bucket Folding, Modular Design
The six arms of the AG18 hybrid drone are designed to be vertically foldable, and the structure is compact and firm. Reducing the space occupied by the aircraft and adopting a whole modular body structure design , which reduces the difficulty of packing for the staff and saves assembly time. Quick disassembly and replacement, make subsequent maintenance more convenient and economical.
Gas-electric Hybrid System Farming Drone
The AG18 hybrid is powered by an advanced Gasoline engine with generator integrated power supply technology, combine the advantages of oil and electricity. Oil power generation, The retention of high fuel energy. The electric drive rotor retains the characteristics of flexible and stable operation of electric drive. Max. flight time for empty fuel: 25 minutes, extra long flight time effectively ensures operation efficiency.
Powerful Spray System , Intelligent Route Planning
The strong down-pressure wind field of the AG18 hybrid drone is equipped with professional wind-proof nozzles, which effectively reduces the drug mist being rolled up by the rotor airflow. The spray coverage is wide and uniform, and it can also prevent residual drug mist from the fuselage, ensuring that the drone is in contact. safety. With the APP customized for agricultural applications, it provides intelligent route planning for operations, and can edit and modify routes in real time.
Harsh Environment Without Fear Of Interference
AG18 hybrid drone has industrial grade waterproof, dustproof and anti-corrosion capabilities, adapts to harsh field environment, high strength, low maintenance cost and long life. Dual antenna technology has strong anti-magnetic interference ability, and it can still fly stably in complex environments such as high-voltage lines.
Night Vision Camera,Work For Night
In line with the consistent spirit of innovation, WALKERA creatively launched a new generation of agricultural plant protection UAV with mounted night vision cameras, the starlight level night vision camera is ingeniously integrated, thus breaking the constraints of the night and no longer being troubled by insufficient light. It can be shown in real time and dynamically at night, and it can be operated from all aspects and angles to capture the real moments of the night clearly.
Fast Cooling ,Professional And Safe
The AG18 hybrid agriculture plant protection UAV uses a water-cooled engine with a liquid-cooled engine, which circulates liquid through pipes and channels in the engine. As the liquid flows through the hot engine, it absorbs heat, which lowers the temperature of the engine, This lowers the temperature of the engine. After the liquid flows through the engine, it flows to the heat exchanger (or radiator), where heat from the liquid is released into the air.
No Fear Of terrain Changes
The AG18 plant protection drone imitation terrain module can follow the terrain to keep the aircraft's heading unchanged. The vertical maneuverability can change the height as the terrain fluctuates, keep it as consistent as possible with the ground and spray uniformly.
Accurate RTK
AG18 hybrid drone supports RTK punctuation obstacle avoidance. Obstacles marked during operation will automatically bypass obstacle avoidance. With night vision camera, it is still reliable at night. It adopts centimeter-level high-precision navigation and positioning technology, and the route trajectory is clear and accurate. Repeatable, stable operation in complex environments.
Obstacle Avoidance Module (Optional)
Intelligent obstacle avoidance system made by high-precision sensors, the laser ranging can reach up to 100m, and the obstacle can be identified from 3 to 15meters (adjustable)in the front direction and the brake is decelerated to guarantee your flight safety. Both obstacle avoidance and ranging protection make your flight safer .
Easy To Operate, Convenient And Worry-Free
In response to the special needs of agricultural applications, we have designed a remote control with a screen for AG18 agricultural plant protection drone. The remote control with a screen is a portable and high-lighted display that can display clear images under direct sunlight. Combined with the built-in APP, You get rid of the clutter of information when using ordinary mobile devices, and work more easily and efficiently.
Android System
High-light display
Customized APP
Operation scenario
HD Image Transmission Stable And Reliable
AG18 plant protection drone with screen remote control integrated 7.86-inch 2K high-light display, equipped with high-definition image transmission system with 5.8G digital image transmission system, long wavelength, strong anti-interference ability, signal effective distance up to 6KM, stable and reliable transmission.