Hobby Expo China, Debut of Walkera

2016-04-01 09:42:18 source: Company News

Hobby Expo China, the biggest and the most influential professional exhibition in the Asia-Pacific region, will be held from 21st to 23rd April 2016. Walkera will appear with its professional racer F210 and 5.8G outdoor FPV aerial glasses. Its booth number: H58-H63.


Professional racer/ light, fast, agile
Standard equidistant axis design|5.8G image transmission| Personalized setting| Ultra-long transmission range
For more information: http://www.walkera.com/index.php/Goods/info/id/34.html

Goggle 3
FPV aerial photography/ 3D video viewing artifact, 720P 800 X 600SVGA

SVGA format | Automatic format selection | First person view | Head tracking | Video playback function
For more information: http://www.walkera.com/index.php/Goods/info/id/35.html